Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad Day

So I had a bad day at work today, I'm glad that I have tomorrow off.  Anyway enough with the heavy!! So I'm almost finished reading the fablehaven series :( I'm on book five which is called Keys of the Demon Prison. 
I will be sad to say goodbye to the characters in the books that I have come to love.  I recommend this series to anyone who enjoyed reading the harry potter books, or Gregor the overlander series, or any books along that line. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday blah

I've been off work since Tuesday of last week because I was sick.  So it's gong to be hard for me to go to work today.  I'm all ready to work out, I bought this cool work out game for the PlayStation 3 move.  The game is called fit in six it's really great (makes those muscles burn).  I bought my copy at best buy I really recommend it.  Here is the link...


When I work out I wear this thing around my waste, it's suppose to make you loose water weight, and I think it really does.  Well I better stop rambling and start this work out so I can get ready for work.  Ta Ta for now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My first blog

It's 12:42 am I'm very tired and should get to bed but nah.  I drank 3 cokes today so I'm pretty sugared up.  I went shopping today for some home things.  I bought a new picture for my living room, a lamp and a couple of picture frames.  I also bought my first "flameless" candle which I'm pretty excited about.  Oh and I got a free decoration thing from Ashley furniture!!! Oh and another thing, I bought a William and Kate mug haha it has their picture on it and the wedding date and some writing thing on the back lol.  Yeah I'm pretty pumped for the wedding, gonna stay up to watch it even though I have to work on Friday. 

Well It's very late so I should get to bed.  I look forward to blogging since I do love to type and talk lol.